December 8th a Success!

On December 8th, 2012, over 1,300 volunteers across 2 states in 31 towns at over 40 projects helped New York and New Jersey communities recover.

Day of action photos:

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For a map of the Dec. 8th Day of Action, Click Here.


How was your day of action?  What does your community still need?

4 thoughts on “December 8th a Success!

  1. I was more than happy to join the wave – and started by walking the beach in Sea Bright picking up what garbage I could find. I have to say though, and it seemed everyone else on the beach was thinking the same, that the beach was pretty clean and looking beautiful. I decided to take a ride to north end of SB to see if my friend was at home, as luck would have it I found her there with three others doing demo work on her storm-damaged house. After entering and being shocked that the whole first floor was gutted down to bare threads (which was heartbreaking in itself) I jumped in, grabbed a hammer and started ripping out nails. A little while later a group came by, pitched in and helped in a big way. It is really heartwarming to see complete strangers come together to help complete strangers. As always I am proud to be a Jersey Girl! Looking forward to helping out again on 1/19/13.

  2. I was happy to be a part of the Long branch clean up. It was great to see so many people pull together. On a pathetic note, while cleaning under the boardwalks there was plenty of “Sandy debris” HOWEVER, under the restaurant Avenue….It was primarily construction garbage, from recent repairs & coffee cups from construction workers.(dates on cups 11/29, 12/4) There’s no excuse for whatever company is doing this work not to use a garbage can. Freshly cut circles of ceilings tiles, strapping for supplies, clips, insulation, fresh cut cables….. ALL Unnecessary! This company should be doing its best to clean up after itself. I called the Avenue, the excuse I received was “well I think they are still doing work under there” Im sorry that’s a sad excuse. All I see is contractors to lazy to use a garbage can! SHAME ON THE CONTRACTOR AND SHAME ON THE AVENUE for making a pathetic excuse! We were there to clean up after a natural devastation NOT lazy human beings!

  3. My mom, sister, 3 kids and I helped clean up a bit at Cattus Island. We had all been looking for a way to give back to the community and this was a great, kid-friendly project. I was so pround of my 8 year olds hauling lumber that had washed up! Looking forward to the next opportunity on 1/19.

  4. My husband and myself helped out in Long Branch! It was very rewarding for us to help in a small way, a place that has given us so much joy over the past few years! There was a great turnout then and I know on Jan 19th the same people will be out in force! WE WILL RESTORE THE SHORE!

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